Rorschach Studies

2003 Exner Revised Reference Norms

A Longitudinal Pilot Study of the Rorschach as a Neuropsychological Instrument

A Neuropsychological Approach to the ROR in Pts with Al

Abstracts Meyer Rorschach Defense Series in PA1

Acklin & Wu-Holt Rorschach & Neuropsychological Constructs

Action Painting Rorschach Scoring

Alberto Projective Test Card Sets

Allyson's Rorschach with Ritzler's Analysis client

Amygdala and Music

Animal Responses Combined with Human Movement

Animals In Unrestrained Combat Expressing Strength and Courage

Animals Performing Under Superior Force, Being Controlled, and Directed by Trainers

Animals Two or More Weak or Ineffectual Animals

Architecture Sc

Architecture with Good Form in a Record Free of Personal Weakness

Architecture With Shaded Landscapes


Art +1

Auditory Processing Disorders, Visual Auditory Response Time Integration

Backus Protocol Scoring to Greg Meyer 9 Oct, 2008


Birds &  Winged Objects

Birds or Winged Objects Combined With Falling, Dismemberment, and Being Held Down

Blood +3

Blood 1-2

Blue crabs

Bohm Rorschach Intellectual Functioning Estimations

Bohm Rorschach Intellectual Functioning Mental Retardation - Pfister

Bohms Rorschach IQ Estimations Beck's criteria are (from Bohm 1975)

Botany +0

Brazilian CS Norms Sonia Regina Nasciemento


Briefwechsel 1

Briefwechsel Roemer et al

Britzler Rorschach Reading List 2002-2004

Bundy Proto151

Bundy LS Rorschach Location Chart

Bundy LS Rorschach Location Chart edited

Caputo The Rorschach as a Neuropsychological Instrument Historical Overview

Castles, Towers, Temples, Arches

Chasm Between Practice & Behaviorism Making Science Matter

Childrens Rorschachs

Childrens Rorschachs 2

Childrens Rorschachs 3

Clothing +2

Clothing +2 & +3

Clothing Erotic and Pornographic


Con Artist Typology

Controversies in the Rorschach or Some Different Methods of Categorizing

   Rorschach Responses

Cooperative Movement

Cooperative Responses -2 and Aggressive Responses +2

Cooperative Responses +3 and Aggressive Responses -2

Cooperative Responses +3 and Aggressive Responses +2

Cooperative Responses = 0 and Aggressive Responses +2

Cooperative Responses =0 and Aggressive Responses = 0-1

Cooperative Responses 1 or 2 and Aggressive Responses 1 or 2

COP and AG Rorschach Responses

Coping Deficit Index +3

Copyright Protection does not apply to Systems or the CS

Critique of Woods Criticism of the Rorschach

CS 5th Ed Structural Summary Template

Deaf Rorschach Administration

Dementia -Use of ROR in Its Assessment

DEPI The Real One

Depression a la Gerald Lajoie

Depression's Biological Underpinnings, as a Shutdown Mechanism for Overloads

Deri speaks of Mephisto Black Magic of Words

Development of Color, Movement and Form in Children Rorschachs

Development of Components in Childrens Rorschachs

Dissociation vs. Seizure Activity Differentiation

Dissociative Identity Signs



EBPer Ambitence and More

Ecological Validity


Ekman on the Reification of Language and the Neglect of the Graphic Moment

Electronic Medical Records Legal Requirements

Emblems Coat-of-Arms Insignias in Males

Empathy - Wikipedia

Evoke – Elicit – Project - Projection

Exner Biography

Exner Norms

Exnerese Psychobabble and the CS

Eye contact - Wikipedia


Eyes 'Looking at Me'

Eyes of Interpretations

Faces Lying Motionless Beneath the Water



Fish, Octopus, Scorpion, Scarab

Flower Responses

FM Four-Legged Animals in Whole Body Movement

Food Apples, Cherries, Carrots, Plums, etc That are Not Colored

Food Colored Fruits and Vegetables

Food Fd Adults   =1  Children = 2 and  a to p when  p greater  than  a   by 1

Food Fd Adults +1 Children +2

Form Quality Interpretations WDA %

FQu vs DQ Scoring Criteria and Significance

Fr and Narcissism

Frozen Nature of Past Tense Verbs in Rorschach Responses

George Van Ness Dearborn

Gerber Theory 1

Grandin Animals in Translation 2005

Greene on Interpretation

Greg Meyer  we're really talking about Frs now

Greg Meyer Interrater Reliability Studies with the Rorschach

Greg Meyer Interrater Reliability with the Rorschach Tables

Group Rorschach used by the Office of Strategic Services for selection purposes during

    World War II

Hare Psychopathy As A Mitigating Diagnosis

Hare Psychopathy As A Mitigating Diagnosis 2

Hd Profiles

Helge Malmstrom Cerebral Organic Disturbances Study

Hermann & Olga Rorschach Marriage

High Number of Rorschach Responses Interpretation

Holtzman Inkblot Technique

Hooper Visual Organization Test

How Do Projective Test Work

Humans or Animals Seen 'Tied Together'

Husserl Wordless Recognition

HVI Interpretation

Hyper Hermann Manual

Insight in the Rorschach in Schactels  the Expertial Rorschach

Interpretation Intuition and Expertise in Handwriting Analysis

Interpretation of Rorschach Scores

Intuition and Expertise in Handwriting Analysis

Intuition and Expertise in Handwriting Analysis 2

Intuitve Expertise Pattern Acquisition & Recognition


James Wood on the Current Rorschach Debate

Karson on Woods Rorschach

Knives, Swords, Instruments Used for Aggression

Koziol on NVLD, from Novelty to Familiarity

Koziol on NVLD, Novelty to Familiarity EVOLUTION OF L R Hemispheric Functions

Krishnamurty Rorschach Interpretive Essentials

Kurt Goldstein on the Nature of Scientific Knowledge Goldstein

Leaf or Tree Whoe Responses on Cards I, IV, VI

Leafs in Adult Records

Leafs, Single Leaf, Torn, Decayed, Oddly Shaped

Lengthy Rorschach Records

Levi Y and Chana Breuer RIM Response Upload

Light, Meaning, and Self

Linaus Pauling's Rorschach and Its Interpretation

Logical Rorschach

Long Records 50 plus Rorschach

Lost Head

Lowe Handwriting Visual and Visual Association

M Scoring in Cards III and IV

Malgren Theoritical Basis or the Biopsychosocial Modes

Malmgren Colour Shock

Malmgren Internal External Metaphor in the Philosophy of Mind

Malmgren Is Schizophrenia a Brain Disease

Malmgren Perception and Action

Malmgren Presentations representations and Learning

Malmgren Representation and Learning

Malmgren Rorschachs Idea of Movement

Malmgren Using the Rorschach method in patients with brain damage

Malmgren Theoretical issues  Perceptual & Cognitive Processes in the Rorschach

Masks +2

Milner Obituary

MMPI Readability

MOA Revised Scoring Suggestions


Moravec Paradox


Mountains, Mountain Ranges, Islands, Lakes, Landscapes

Mutilated Organisms

Narcissism on the Rorschach

Narcissistic Entitlement, Too Proud to Let Go

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Narcissists Don't Forgive


Nephesh Spirit and Neshama Soul in the Rorschach

Obesity and the Rorschach

Origins of Piotrowski's Perceptanalysis

Pam Olsen Reflections They just do not Get It When It Comes to the Needs of Others

Parker Rorschach & NP Examinations

Past Tense Verbs in Rorschach Responses

Peralta on Rorschach Movement Responses Card III Theoretical Foundations

Peralta Rorschach Psychoanalysis

Peralta Thesis

Peralta Thesis 2 Index

Perseveration and Error Scales

Perseveration and Repetition Scale Rorschach


Persona Handwriting Hi Linda

Persona’s Antithesis


Philip F. Caracena, Ph.D. [rorscan@SBCGLOBAL.NET] on Red Crabs, the INC coding,

    and the Implausible or Impossible

Pigs Swine

Piotrowski Cerebral Dysfunction Estimators

Piotrowski Color Inquiry

Plate I Birds & Bats with Wings Moving Towards the Person

Plate I Butterfly F-

Plate I Leaf (W)

Plate I Leaf Torn, Decayed, or Oddly Shaped

Plate II Blood

Plate II Spinning Top

Plate II Vampire, White Bat, Flying Ghost

Plate III Jaws Closing, Mechanical Scoops

Plate III Posture M

Plate IV Butterfly with Female Legs

Plate IV Person Sitting on a Toilette

Plate IX Explosion with C (Plate Inverted - v)

Plate IX Sexual Intercouse

Plate VI Child Nursing

Plate VI Explosion

Plate VI Silhouette of a Man, Statue

Plate VI Suspicion & Sectretiveness

Plate VII Ice Berg, Skating Rink

Plate VIII Banners Waving, Flags Flying

Plate VIII Child Playing Leap Frog

Plate VIII Coat of Arms

Plate VIII Coat of Arms, Emblems, Insignias with Animal Content

Plate X Extracted Tooth

Plate X Two Blue Figures Climbing up the Sides of a Cliff

Projective Tests Reflect Dispositions

Projective Tests’ Purpose (as Cognition)

Projectives Counter Critique to Lilienfeld

Projectives Critique Lilienfelf Wood Garb

projectivetest-Card sets


Queen of Darkened

Rationalists Cartoon

RBANS Z- score Converter

Reality Testing, the Rorschach and Dvoskin

References for Malingering on the Rorschach

Reflections and Narcissism I have seen people who produce a

RIM Response Upload

Rorschach Interrater Coding Instructions

Rorschach Normative Scoring Worksheet

Rorschach Expert Testimony & Hilsenroth & Stricker04

Rorschach and  Neuropsychology.htm

Rorschach Meyers Abstracts Series1

Rorschach & Daubert Erard

Rorschach Afr and Color Responses on Cards VIII

Rorschach Amygdalar Enlargement & Unique Perception Neuroimaging Paper

Rorschach and Dyslexia by David Ranks

Rorschach and Executive Functioning

Rorschach and Executive Functions the Meaning of V

Rorschach and Percept a la Gerald Lajole

Rorschach and Testimony

Rorschach and the Daubert

Rorschach as a Neuropsychological Instrument

RORSCHACH Basic Referencers

Rorschach Bibliography Peralta

Rorschach Bohm 2

Rorschach Bohm Intelligence Levels

Rorschach Bundy's Protocol

Rorschach Card III Organic Responses Fragmented Integration

Rorschach Cards Preserving and Cleaning Solutions KrylonTired of

Rorschach Cerebral Dysfunction Criteria

Rorschach Communication Slippage, Psychotic Perception Scoring

Rorschach Comprehensive International Norms, A Cautionary Note

Rorschach Comprehensive System Coding Guide

Rorschach Comprehensive System International Norms Critique

Rorschach Computer Record Form

Rorschach Content Interpretation and Report Writing a la Barry Ritzler 2

Rorschach Coping Deficit Syndrome

Rorschach Correlates of Sexual Abuse,Trauma Content and Aggression Indexes

Rorschach Daubert-Joiner-Kumho 2

Rorschach Daubert-Joiner-Kumho Standards

Rorschach Defense Scales

Rorschach DR or ALOG Responses Definitions

Rorschach Erard  Forensic Reference List

Rorschach Executive Function with Acquired Brain Injury Groups 1

Rorschach Executive Functioning with ABI Acquired Brain Injury

Rorschach Failing of Burden of Proof Projective Tests in Custody Evaluations

Rorschach Female Adolescents

Rorschach Form with a Blend Scoring MQnone

Rorschach Guarnaccia 2001 Addendum

Rorschach How Exner Wrecked the Rorschach Forensically

Rorschach in the Court Room

Rorschach Indicators of Trauma Abuse Dissociation

Rorschach Interpretive Statements

Rorschach Interpretive Statements 1

Rorschach Low M and sum C Lack of

Rorschach Low M and sum C Lack of Awareness of Internal Experiences

Rorschach Male Adolescents

Rorschach Manual by Hilsenroth01

Rorschach Meyers AbstractsSeries2

Rorschach Normative Scoring Worksheet

Rorschach Norms RKM

Rorschach Oral Dependency Scale and Obesity

Rorschach Origins by Diane Jonte Pace per Alberto A

Rorschach Plate Alternatives

Rorschach protocol Brain Damage 12 Year Old Girl 1138

Rorschach Reference List

RORSCHACH References Weiner

Rorschach RKM Rebuttal of Rorschach in Court

Rorschach Scales Urist

Rorschach Scoring Accuracy

Rorschach Scoring Klopfer vs

Rorschach Structural Summary Variable Guide

Rorschach Suitability  Limitations of Psychological Tests in Family Court

Rorschach Systematization Pitfalls L

Rorschach transcript 1

Rorschach Transcript 1B

Rorschach transcript 2

Rorschach transcript 3

Rorschach Treatment Outcome Study MOA, ROD, HDS Scales

Rorschach Updated Reading List Bruce

Rorschach Validity Arguements

Rorschach Validity David Ranks

Rorschach Weiners Reference List

Rorschach with Frontal Lobe Injuries

Rorschach Woods Debate Over Norms

Rorschach's test as a diagnostic aid in brain injury. Anita, Reitan, Ruth 1947

Rorschach Defense Scales

Rorschach Trauma Dissociation Indicators

S &  S- &  S-%

S S S  we have empirical evidence

S. S minus and S minus Percent Interpretations with Police Department Research

Saks on Mimesis

Schachtel Experimental Qualities of the Rorschach Inkblots

Schachtel on Movement, Creativity, and the Public

Schachtel on Taste

Schactel the Expertial Rorschach

Schadenfreude and Envy Definitions and Descriptors

Science as context is, and Can Only Be, Descriptive and Explanatory

Science Coding a la Caracena

Science is, and Can Only Be, Descriptive and Explanatory

Scoring Difficulty with the Comprehensive System

Seeing The Eye is Superior to the Ear

Seeing with the Brain Oliver Sacks


Sex +1

Sex Anal Responses Given by Women

Sex Buttocks

Sex Frank Genital Responses

Sex Frank Genital Responses and H +5 or H% + 30

Sex Responses on the Rorschach Interpretation

Sex Size Distortions of Genitalia

Sex Synthesis of the Genitals of Both Sexes

Sex Two Penises Touching Each Other & Two Male Sex Organs



Sheila Lowe on Persona Writing as the Mask


Social Judgment and the Rorschach

Solomon Ash

Solomon Ash 1

Solomon Ash 2

Solomon Ash 3

SPA Rorschach White Paper 2005

SPA Rorschach White Paper

SPA White Paper (2005, JPA) Status of the Rorschach1

Space Seen As A Hole Or Gap

Spider Scorpion Praying Mantis

Suicide Prediction with the Rorschach

Surgical Personality Rorschach

Teeth and Gums, Tooth, Extracted

Texture Interpretation

Texture Responses and Empathy

Texture with Geometric Designs

The Riddle of Fr in the Rorschach Gerald

The Rorschach as Pictures 1956  Gibson

Therapeutic Imperviosity

Things Seen from Behind

Timewarp - How your brain creates the fourth dimension

Too Proud to Let Go Narcissistic Barriers to Forgiveness

Tools and Implements

Trama Content Index Rorschach

Trauma Content Index (TC

Urist's MOA s-Scale Items

Validity of the Rorschach in Legal Settings


Warm-Blooded Animals In Pursuit of Prey, Food, or Enemies As Well As Animals

    Actually Eating

Water, Sky, Grassr

Water - Calm

Water Birds

Waterfall on Card IX in Color


White Content




Would this be a reflection



Zd Variable

Zulliger Seminar 1

Zulliger's DW and Liars 1963 (English)