MMPI Owen's Studies & References

MMPI Owen's Studies


         Owen's MMPI Studies Master Shell

   R-profile Calculations


MMPI References:

1-2 Pattern Nims & Christopher 1

1-2 Pattern Nims & Christopher 2


4-9 Patern & Thomas Edison

ADD at Work, Part 2

Ahedonia and the MMPI Sie Scale

Allergic Females and MMPI Sie Scale


Bob's MMPI-2 Blog Nichols Scales

Bullard MMPI-2 Item Consistency

Conation As An Important Factor of Mind Source


Cripe Handout MMPI INterp TBI

Dexamethasone suppression and the MMPI

Emotionless Psychopaths' Brains Raines

Fake Bad Scale Lees-Haley FBS handout

FBS Bibliography

FBS Crosses NAN 2005B then there are the three poster

FBS Fake Bad Scale Lee-Haley Handout

FBS False Positive Rates

FBS False Positive Rates At 7

FBS Malingering Kante 2r

FBS MMPI2 Critiquel would encourage you to look at Meyers

Fragile X and MMPI Sie Scale

Frequency of MMPI-2 Scores in Forensic Evaluations Butcher

Figure %201

Figure %202

Figure %203

Green's Effort Testing and the MMPI-2

Hackers and MMPI Scale 4 (Pd)

Introspectively Challenged Flawed Self Assessment

Introspectively Challenged of the Blissfully Incompetent

L, F, and K Scales Norming or Lack Thereof

Low MMPI 6Pa Scale Profiles Reply-To

Marks 1-0 Profile 1

Marks 1-2 Pattern 2

Marks 1-2 Pattern Characteristics

Meehl Schizotypy and MMPI Sie Scale

MMMPI description of the narcissistic personality Raskin

MMPI FBS Validation

MMPI & MMPI-2 Interpretations

MMPI 1 (Hs) Jerry's Comments 2

MMPI Code Type Stability

MMPI predicts NP Performance Gass 2003

MMPI Reliability

MMPI Sie and Adolescent Drug Addiction

MMPI Sie Scale and Adolescent Cleft Palate

MMPI Sie Scale and Adult Exercise


MMPI Violates ADA

MMPI Zero Items Ok

MMPI-2 Basic Scale Profile Calculation Guide

MMPI-2 Content Profile  Calculation Guide

MMPI-2 Interpretation Guide

MMPI-2 Invalidity Scales and Validity Greene

MMPI-2 Invalidity Scales and Validity Senior

MMPI-2 Items for a Response Bias Scale for the MMPI-2 Roger Gervais

MMPI-2 Items for Response Bias Gervais

MMPI-2 Profile Calculation Guide

MMPI-2 White Male Base Rates

MMPI-2 White Adult Male Base Rates

MMPI-A Profile Calculation Guide

MS and the MMPI-2 Thank you Glenn

Narcissists Don't Forgive v1

Passive Aggressive Personalities New York Times Tuesday

Passive Aggressive Procrastination

Persona and the Real Person

Persona Handwriting Hi Linda

Persona, Profession and Social Roles

Piotrowski on the  MMPI Piotrowski writes

Prefrontal white matter in pathological liars

Prodromal Psychopathy

Prodromal Psychopathy 1


Psychopaths Lack of Emotional Response to Painful Stimuli Via

Psychotherapy Compliance OCD and MMPI Sie Scale


Roger Greene Total AAFP Las Vegas January 22, 2004

Senior Character Disorders and Malingering on the MMPI-2

Superlative (S) Scale MMPI-2 Validation Study Assessment

Superlative Scale MMPI-2 Items From Graham 3rd Edition

The Psychopathic Corporation

Too Proud to Let Go Narcissistic Barriers to Forgiveness

Validity of MMPI-2 Infrequency Scales

Volunteering Pharmocology Studies and MMPI Sie Scale

White Anglosaxon Male