MMPI-2 Studies

+K-Corrections and Primes

+K-Corrections on the MMPI-2 Avoidance and the Reasons Therefore

+MMPI-2 Long Term Stability and Reliability of Psychological Assessments

+Vestibular Ear Functions and the MMPI FBS Tscore

Emotions are the Necessary Foundation of Thought

FBS April 15, 2005

FBS False Positve Rates S

FBS Handout

FBS Scoring Interp by David Tolin Oct. 7, 2005

Full Scale IQ vs. F, Fb, VRIN, F-Fb

Heilbronner Henry Index on MMPI-2 04-11-08

Malingering and Green Chrisl never diagnose malingering in any case

Metal Sucking Masturbating Five Year Old Girl Puzzle Date

MMPI and Pseudoseizure Profiles

MMPI Computer-Based Interpretation Validity

MMPI RBS Scale Validity 09-16-09

MMPI-2 and Pseudoseizures

MMPI-2 Aver. F Driven Personal Injury Claimants Profile

MMPI-2 Basic Clinical Profile Form

MMPI-2 Basic Validity and Clinical Scales

MMPI-2 Child Custody Litigants Aver. F Driven Clinical Profile

MMPI-2 Clinical Profile Form

MMPI-2 Content Scales Profile

MMPI-2 Credibility v1

MMPI-2 Distribution of Infrequency Items

MMPI-2 Education & Consistency

MMPI-2 F and Fb Scores vs Reading Levels

MMPI-2 F(p) F & Fb Relationship in Maximizing Psychopathology

MMPI-2 F(p) Infrequency in Maximizing Settings

MMPI-2 F(p) Maximizing Settings (Self-unfavorable) 1

MMPI-2 F(p) Minimizing Settings (Self-favorable)

MMPI-2 F(p) Minimizing Settings

MMPI-2 FBS Scoring & Interpretation

MMPI-2 FSIQ Consistency

MMPI-2 Impression Management

MMPI-2 K (Correction) Maximizing Settings (Self-unfavorable) Responding

MMPI-2 K (Correction) Minimizing Settings (Self-favorable) Responding

MMPI-2 L (Lie) Minimizing Settings (Self-Favorable) Responding

MMPI-2 L (Lie) Scale Maximizing Settings

MMPI-2 Maximizing Psychopathology Profile

MMPI-2 Minimizing Psychopathology (Self-favorable)

MMPI-2 Motivation and VRIN in Maximizing Settings

MMPI-2 Motivation VRIN Minimizing Settings

MMPI-2 Profile of Basic Scales


MMPI-2 Self Deception Profile

MMPI-2 Validity Profile

MMPI-2 Validity Scales 2 PTSD Vets

MMPI-2 Validity Senior

MMPI-2 VRIN Criteria (Maximizing Settings)

MMPI-2 VRIN Criteria (Minimizing Settings Self-favorable) Responding

MMPI-2 MMPI-2 Child Custody Litigants Aver. F Driven Clinical Profile

MMPI-2 Profiles & ms 11-08-06

Piotrowski on the MMPI Piotrowski writes


The Limits of Computer Power and Human Reason, Responsibility and Making Choices